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Houston Stretch Ceilings

this image shows a man doing a project for stretch ceiling in houston

Do you want to create a beautiful and unique interior in your home, office, or apartment? Or do you want to get rid of that old acoustic ceiling without actually removing it? That's our expertise. We offer professional Houston stretch ceiling installation services in Pasadena and all over Houston.

What Is A Stretch Ceiling System?

There are two items that make up a stretch ceiling system: an elastic material and a perimeter track. The material can either be a film or fabric. A stretch ceiling can be fitted to ceilings, walls, floating panels, or creative shapes.

Are you looking for experts to install a stretch ceiling in your home or apartment? For stretch ceiling prices call (281) 925-7589.

Popcorn Ceiling Covering

It's no secret: no one wants a house with cottage cheese ceilings. In fact, people are continuously looking for ways to get rid of these old fashioned ceilings.

Covering these textured ceiling with modern stretch ceilings has become one of the most popular popcorn ceiling solutions. Here are its advantages.

Advantages Of Stretch Ceilings Over Popcorn Ceilings

  • Durable
  • Requires very little installation effort
  • Easier to dust and clean
  • Do not crack
  • No leakage
  • Low maintenance needed
  • Stretch ceilings are installed as a complete ceiling. No need for additional finishing or painting
  • Very versatile: you can print any image or graphic on them.
  • Can be painted to the color of your choice
  • They offer a sleek finish to any interior
  • Can be customized design of your choice.
  • Can be designed to include noise reduction properties

What Makes Us The Best?

We offer all-inclusive stretch ceiling design and fitting services to any kind of interior. In case you are looking for an expert to also fix LED lightning during the process, we will also take care of that.

No project is big for us. We have an adequate and skilled team to handle all projects: simple, complex, big, or small.

We guarantee to install a ceiling that is stylish and beautiful for an appealing interior that you will absolutely love.

We gGuarantee:

  • Work is done by experts: we have years of experience in stretch ceiling installation.
  • On-time delivery: all projects are delivered within the agreed time.
  • Highest quality: only top quality stretch ceilings are used.
  • Customized ceiling designs: we install the stretch ceiling to your exact preference
  • Affordable prices

Get in touch with us on (281) 925-7589  for answers to all your questions.