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Houston Apartment Popcorn Ceiling Removal

this picture shows houston apartment popcorn ceiling for removal

Some years back, the use of popcorn ceilings was preferred for its many benefits. It was not only cheap but also very effective in noise and echo reduction. On top of that, these ceilings were a perfect strategy for hiding minor imperfections.

Apartment Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Houston

Also, ceilings installed in the '50s were mixed with asbestos to enhance their fire resistance. At times, the final popcorn ceiling spray was mixed with paint. This was a perfect way of cutting other costs that would have been otherwise incurred to paint the ceiling.

Why should you remove the popcorn ceiling of your apartment? Is it really cost-effective?

Even now, most apartments that were built before the 1980s still have these acoustic ceilings. The owners assume that the cost of removal is not worth it. Others think that these ceilings are a pain to remove. But, don't the benefits of removing the ceiling outweigh the cons?

  • First, these ceilings went out of style many years ago
  • Most of them contain asbestos which is a health hazard
  • These cottage cheese ceilings camouflage dust and allergens. This significantly increases the risk of contracting various respiratory diseases
  • If you have a leak, the popcorn ceiling may lose its adhesive qualities
  • Also, some ceilings that were painted before 1978 contain lead paint which was banned due to the health risks associated with it
  • Acoustic ceilings make a room to look darker and smaller
  • Removing the acoustic ceiling also greatly increases the resell value of your apartment

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