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Houston Acoustic Ceiling Removal

this image shows houstona acoustic ceiling removal

An acoustic ceiling is a paint-on or spray-on treatment applied on the ceiling to give it a textured look. Popcorn ceilings were previously very popular for sound and echo reduction. However, they have now become old fashioned and are rarely used in present-day designs. Sadly, these ceilings are still present in many older homes and apartments. Perhaps it's because textured ceilings can be pretty hard to remove.

Although it can be tempting to attempt to get rid of the ceiling yourself, this is the kind of job that is best left to professionals. On top of being a difficult process, it also exposes you to various risks.

The complexity of popcorn removal varies depending on the type of material used to make it. We have outlined for you the basic steps involved.

Acoustic Ceiling Removal Steps

  • All light and fixtures, wall hangings, and portable furniture is removed from the room
  • Floor, walls, and heavy furniture are fully masked with protective plastic sheets
  • All openings (doors and windows) are covered using plastic sheeting
  • Water is sprayed on the unpainted textured ceiling to dampen it. This makes it easy to scrape it off. If the ceiling is painted, a chemical stripper is required
  • Any holes on the exposed drywall are filled
  • The ceiling is sanded to even out the new filling
  • New paint is applied to the ceiling
  • All debris is collected
  • The room is vacuumed and thoroughly cleaned

What Are The Benefits Of Removing Textured Ceiling?

First, removing the popcorn ceiling from your house will give it a surefire facelift…leaving it looking modern and stylish. This is more important especially if you are looking to sell your home. Many buyers do not want to buy a house with these dated ceilings. This is because no one wants to incur the cost of doing immediate additional renovations.

Also, with time, these surfaces may begin to turn yellow. It is even worse if there is water damage. Any popcorn repair attempts may proof infertile. In fact, you may find that the overall cost of continuous repair may be higher than that of having your ceiling removed.

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